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By Kara Galante, Owner

My name is Kara Galante, and I am the owner and founder of The Steam Police. My cleaning and restoration business was born out of my two passions: being a mother and a Registered Nurse. First and foremost, I’m a mother whose main concern is the safety and well-being of my children. As a Registered Nurse, I’m concerned about the health of my community. All of our employees undergo a comprehensive criminal background check. If I wouldn’t allow someone into my own home and business, we certainly wouldn’t send them to yours!

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I wanted my carpets and upholstery to be clean, but I dreaded the wet, stiff mess left after they were “cleaned.” I carefully researched different chemicals and cleaning processes/equipment to find the perfect union of quality and safety. I feel strongly that neither should be compromised.

The Steam Police will come into your home to clean your carpets, your tile, your upholstery, your hardwood floors or provide flood restoration… all with environmentally friendly products and state-of-the-art equipment. You can treat yourself to clean, fresh surroundings without worrying about toxic substances. We set ourselves apart from competitors by paying special attention to detail and providing the highest possible quality service at competitive prices.

You have a right to feel safe with the people you allow into your home or business. I only employ technicians I know to be trustworthy, honest, and hard-working. We would be honored to help you restore or maintain the beauty of your home, vehicle, or business.

Fighting grime, one room at a time!

steam cleaning wood flooring; The Steam Police, Rochester, NY, 14604

Our Squad


steam cleaning, The Steam Police, Rochester, NY, 14604

Tony Galante,
Executive Vice President

Tony is a Webster native and has served our community in almost every way possible. Tony was the Chief of a 125 member career and volunteer local fire department and is a retired Police Sergeant. Tony’s passion for providing excellent customer service and using state-of-the-art cleaning methods is second to none, and Tony’s knowledge on industry-leading methods helps Steam Police provide services that others simply cannot.

Planning for the Future

Right now we work in western New York, but we have big plans for the future. Providing value-driven prices, exceptional customer service, and trustworthy employees are the components of our business model. With that solid foundation, we plan to open additional corporate locations throughout Upstate New York, and ultimately franchise locations across the United States. The Steam Police may grow, but we won’t change our values. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

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